Living a Happy and Healthy Life

Living a Happy and Healthy Life

Living a Happy
Living a Happy

If you are feeling weak, in pain, or just want to live a healthier lifestyle then this blog is for you. It is updated daily with information from published and renowned sources. It is always free and accurate. Comments are accepted and I encourage people to talk about my subjects. They range from Yoga to healthy eating. I will include recipes, information about what foods are good and bad for you, product links, what to do with products, what to watch out for, how to live happier and feel better. You will learn how to lose weight, without hurting your body or going on stupid diets. You will learn how to talk to people and live a compassionate lifestyle. Here is a sample article about Yerba Mate: A great thing to drink daily is a South American drink called Yerba Mate. You can find a product link on my site.

What is so great about it?

It comes from the Ilex paraguariensis tree and what is harvested is the leaves. The first step to getting healthy is to start drinking this stuff. It is really a powerful and amazing drink. Also for coffee drinkers, this is a great replacement for it. It is more powerful and gives you gradual energy instead of a huge burst of energy right away. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

The mate contains caffeine and other alkaloids responsible for the energy it gives you. However, it is very different. It has potassium, magnesium and manganese in it. It is brewed in a similar fashion as coffee and it has a great taste. It tastes a bit earthy and kind of like alfalfa, but is very distinct. The only way to really understand it is to try it. A popular brand is Guayaki and on the back it claims “provides mental clarity, sustains physical energy, improves digestion, promotes balance in the body, and contains antioxidants”. I have been a drinker for about two years and I would agree with all those claims. They are very true.

Traditionally it is drank from a gourd, which is a hollowed out vegetable. The gourd is filled with Yerba Mate and warm water. A filter straw, called a Bombilla, is inserted into the gourd and the liquid is drank by the server to test for consistency and quality. Typically a group of people drink from the same gourd as it is passed around. However, you share the gourd and the contents, and not the water. The gourd is emptied by the first person and then passed on to the next. The server will fill up the gourd again with warm water and the process is repeated.

Healthy Life for happy
Healthy Life for happy

Lets compare coffee to this drink:


* Has little or no antioxidants

* Tastes great and can be mixed in items

* Provides energy that quickly peaks and makes your body crash fast

* After the crash you feel tired and drowsy

* Grown on huge plantations to feed America

* Easy to prepare

* Addictive and can cause dependency

Yerba Mate

* Loaded with nutrition

* Gives amazing stimulating energy that lasts all day

* Grown in the rain forest

* Non addictive

* No crash

* Can be mixed into many drinks without significantly effecting flavor

* Mix it in with your favorite teas

* Helps your body and mind focus

* Great for dieting; suppresses appetite

The bottom line:

Yerba mate can not be overlooked in your quest to live a healthy life. It is simply amazing and will change your life.

Instructions to make:

You will need:

1. Yerba Mate

2. French Press

3. Tea Pot

4. Honey and Soy milk (optional)

All these can be ordered on my site via the links on the side of the page. These are all through so you can get free shipping on these items.

Loose Leaf:

1. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Mate in the press

2. Add cool water to allow the fragile nutrients to soak into the water

3. Boil water and allow to cool to 170*F

4. To quicken this process up, put some ice cubes into the boiling water

5. Pour the water over the Loose mate

6. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes or until dark green

7. Plunge the mixture with the French press

8. Pour into a cup and enjoy

9. Mix with soy milk and honey to taste to create a nice mate latte (optional)

If you are using tea bags, just do everything the same and ignore the French press.