Are You on a Dieting Rollercoaster?

Are You on a Dieting Rollercoaster?

Dieting Rollercoaster
Dieting Rollercoaster

Do You? …

  • Constantly struggle to lose weight ?
  • Constantly try new diest?
  • Lose a kilogram or so only to put it on again the next week?
  • Lack motivation and willpower?
  • Yo-yo up and down along the scale?
  • Starve yourself, but at the end of the day it makes no real difference?
  • Binge and feel guilty?
  • Feel powerless over your weight situation?
  • Turn down dates and special functions because you can’t face getting dressed?
  • Hide from the world?
  • Feel depressed?

Believe me, you are not alone! So many dieters are fearful of not losing weight or of their weight starting to soar again. They wonder if they can ever really be slim, fit and healthy. Thoughts of being slave to food forever are commonplace. These and other facts prove that diets do not really work – and usually not on a long-term basis. Strict diets can create bad eating habits and they do nothing for ones enthusiasm or willpower.

You on a Dieting Rollercoaster
You on a Dieting Rollercoaster

Take full responsibility for your weight

Diets, food and weight no longer need to dictate so many daily decisions you need to make. Change is possible when you leave the dieting behind. Replace dieting with a nutritious, healthy, fit and active lifestyle. Start being an active participant in your life. Take full responsibility for your weight. Do not place your weight and health in the hands of yet another diet and expensive weight loss products that do not work. Take charge of your life, discover who you really are and who you want to be and make a commitment to a holistic lifestyle. Be willing to open yourself up to self-discovery. Leave your dieting habits behind and reap the rewards.

Losing weight, changing your body shape and ultimately your self-image can change your life in ways you have not even imagined yet. If diets have not worked for you, why not try something new? Believe in yourself, speak to an expert about healthy living, weight loss and a fitness program and leave the diets behind for once and for all.

Kim Knight, The Success Weight Loss Coach, has helped a number of clients target and reach their goals. The Weight Loss Coach is not only a sought-after trusted and inspirational coach. She has also written EBooks for all those who want to help themselves or support others.