4 Quick Healthy Carpet Tips

4 Quick Healthy Carpet Tips

Healthy Carpet Tips
Healthy Carpet Tips

Carpets are a major household expense. It makes sense to put a little effort and energy to maximize the healthiness and life of the carpet investment. While there are many options to maintain healthy carpets, the 4 quick, healthy carpet tips serve as good reminders as well as a good outline to follow.

Healthy Carpet Tip #1: Pick up Visible Debris Before it Goes Deep Down into the Carpet

Sounds like a simple tip, right? But sometimes we forget that those bigger pieces of debris can break down into smaller pieces, and we want to take care of the larger pieces before they break down and migrate deeper into the carpet. Each step we take has the potential of grinding the bigger debris into our carpet, so, a little effort now will save us time and energy later.

Healthy Carpet Tip #2: Vacuum Regularly

Extend the useful life and beauty of your carpets – as well as improving the air quality in your home by vacuuming on a regular schedule. Because we can’t see a lot of debris, vacuuming regularly is part of the process of maintaining the healthiness of the carpet, as well as extending its life. Additionally, if possible, it is recommended to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, because a good HEPA filter on a vacuum will work hard to keep the air clean as you vacuum.

Healthy Carpet Tip #3: Professional Carpet Cleaning Helps

Find a good, professional, deep cleaning service, which has the experience and know how to properly care for your carpet investment. Regular deep cleaning with a professional service can enhance the healthiness of your carpet investment because the right professional service cleans deep down.

Carpets are great filters. And all filters need periodic cleaning, so they can keep on filtering in the future. Professional cleaning cleans deep down, where the debris has settled.

Healthy Carpet Tip #4: Fido and Kitty’s Emergency Accident

Do you have a pet? Has the beloved family pet made a stain on your beautiful carpet? Fido and kitty do not have to prevent carpets from maintaining beautifully. For emergency pet urine cleanup, a good professional carpet cleaning service can be very adept at taking care of both the odor and the stain.

Sometimes we forget the multiple layers beneath our feet. When a pet leaves an unexpected urine stain on the carpet, beneath the carpet is a pad, and beneath the pad the actual floor beneath the pad: all of which has the potential to soak up the pet urine. Pet owners do not expect an accident to happen, but, the right cleaning solutions can help out.